Health Benefits of Saunas

If you go and stay in a spa then one of the main features you will likely use will probably be the saunas. These tend to be free to use and they tend to allow you to use them as much as you like (whereas you will likely pay for massages and treatments), and they are also highly relaxing and enjoyable. For these reasons, many health and beauty blog yalking about it, because they are popular favorites, but they also come with many health benefits, some of which you might not have been aware of. Here we will look at those.


First of all, saunas are very good for your skin. The main reason for this is that they cause your pores to open up and encourage perspiration. When our pores get clogged with bacteria and dirt, this is what causes us to develop black heads and spots, and this is why saunas are so good for our skin - they clear the pores out and help us to reduce the chances of developing spots and blemishes and encouraging a soft and clear complexion.


Saunas are well known for their role in weight loss. This is first of all because they let us sweat out a lot of toxins and water, which causes immediate short term weight loss (due to the weight of water). At the same time though saunas can also contribute to longer term weight loss because they speed up our metabolism. In reaction to the heat our heart rate increases and burn more energy to try and cool our bodies back down. Of course this in turn then results in us losing more weight and is very similar to the way that we can lose weight by using thermogenics and stimulants.


This increased heart rate also improves our circulation and works the hart. This helps to prevent a blotchy skin tone, and at the same time it helps to encourage our body to transport the vitamins and minerals we need around the body.


A stint in the sauna can even improve the look and feel of your hair. The reason for this is once again due to the increased perspiration which can help to moisturize the hair and keep it glossy and shiny.


If you have a cold or an otherwise bunged nose, then the heart caused by the sauna is just the ticket to help break up the mucus and phlegm and help you to once again breathe easily. At the same time a sauna can also help to kill of bacteria and thus aid in your recovery from an infection.


One of the most important aspects of relaxing in a sauna, and going to a spa in general, is the simple fact that it allows you to relax and spend some ‘you time' without any of the pressures of daily life. This is something that most of us simply don't get enough of and it's very important as a way to help us relax and recover from stress. If you feel as though life is getting on top of you, then you will be placing a strain on your heart and immune system and producing large quantities of cortisol which you don't want in your system. Help reduce this then by spending some time relaxing in a sauna and forgetting your cares and worries.